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Episode 18 - The Baffling Disappearance Of Amy Lynn Bradley

March 5, 2021

On March 24, 1998, 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley disappeared— a Royal Caribbean cruise ship en route to the island of Curacao.

The easiest explanation is that Bradley fell overboard and vanished beneath the ocean waves. But Bradley was a strong swimmer. She was a trained lifeguard. The ship was not far from shore. And there was no evidence that she’d fallen into the water. 

Bradley’s disappearance seems much more sinister than a case of someone accidentally lost at sea. Ever since Bradley vanished, there has been a string of odd sightings of her -- or at least a woman who looks just like her, right down to her unique tattoos. In 2005, someone even sent her family a gut-wrenching photograph that suggested she had been trafficked into sexual slavery. 

But even after more than 20 years, chilling clues like these have given us few real answers, and we’re no closer to solving this baffling mystery than we were in 1998…




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